Should I Do the Detox "Diet"?

First of all, I loathe the word "Diet" - so I wasn't going to use it. But because the Detox involves nutrition and supplements, I needed a word that differentiated it from the actual Depression Cleanse. THIS DETOX DIET IS OPTIONAL!! You do not need to do this nutrition reboot in order to have success in the 22 Day Depression Cleanse program! You might want to do the program, and come back and implement the Detox later.

That said, no matter what you scored on the Detox Quiz, the 22 Day Depression Detox Diet can be an incredible means to reboot your biochemistry. You can do a modified version and cut it to a few days or go the full few weeks. There really is no right or wrong way here; it's not "all or nothing." 


Extra body fat is usually toxic. As you begin flushing toxicity out via the kidneys and liver -and as fat cells shrink - you will likely experience detox symptoms, such as irritability, fatigue, sadness and headaches. IT WILL has to go somewhere! Just keep drinking lots of water to continue flushing all the residueout.

Anytime you detox the physical body, you also detox emotionally. Hence, the irritability, fuzzy thinking, sadness and probably even the surfacing of old memories. It is old residue that you're releasing. As always, get with your health practitioner first. Some people detox faster than others and experience a rush of detox symptoms.  If you're not used to doing nutritional cleanses, start slow. Ease into it and gradually incorporate the foods and optional supplements.